Romney or his dog - which would make the better president?

I don't know if anybody has posted a link this story. I know that during election times there is much muck raking.

I know that some of you will say that it was 'only a dog' (which is a sentiment I don't agree with) but how can any adult treat an animal in such a fashion, what message is he passing on to his children. Where was his wife? Surely she didn't also think it a good idea.
05:37 Thu 16th Feb 2012
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it wasn't a good idea, stupid for want of a better word, but forget whether that makes him a good presidential candidate, after all America has elected some lemons in the past to run the country, so why should being an idiot preclude him. The best president by far in recent years was JFK, a serial philanderer. Had the American public known this, would he have been elected, probably not. He won the vote on personality, good oratorial skills, and charisma.
What's his dog called - Mutt Romney?
Ronnie Reagan also racked up some significant achievements and he was no genius. Not least, detente with USSR largely due it seems to his inter-personal skills with Gorbachev.

Romney appears to be a despicable character but perhaps 'emotion-free crisis management' is one of the qualities a world leader needs.

I just hope we are never 'the dog on the roof'.
Cruel, heartless pig of a man (sorry pigs). I hope something horrible happens to him.

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