Another piece of scum hangs himself in prison.

Perhaps all cells should be fitted with nooses.
11:33 Tue 31st Jan 2012
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Have we to guess............?
Is it that bloke who was arrested in Spain?
Question Author
The one who murdered the policeman's parents in Handsworth.
Had he been convicted already?
Question Author
You are nit picking
he was awaiting trial. you definitely positively sure he was guilty ?
Question Author
If he was innocent, he would be alive pleading his case.
If he was innocent, this could have drove him to suicide.
Question Author
OK OK, I will modify the suggestion.

The noose should only be in cells of convicted crims.
Glad to see you believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty Hopkirk, it's refreshing to see someone so well balanced, unjudgmental and fair minded. Well done, keep it up.
How long would they need to be serving before they were offered the option of a noose?
Life, or any sentence, or what?
what, like the guildford four etc... ?
Question Author
Perhaps you are right.

I had better think this through again.
Famous people who have served time in prison - Ghandi (4 times), Nelson Mandella, Stephen Fry, Oscar Wilde and many others.

Should they have all hung themselves?
When Steven fry on TV I feel like hanging my self!
Now that's Quite Interesting^^
"I had better think this through again."

What, like you've thought it through once already? Not much indication of that.
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nonsense 2sp, it should be a public display. i would suggest the cucking stool as an assurance of absolute guilt (survival) and innocence (drowning).

families could take a picnic to the riverside and make a day of it.

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