News of the World closing down

James Murdoch says that this Sunday is the last edition of the News of the World. - Measured response to the crisis engulfing News International, or pulling up the drawbridge to protect the chosen ones, such as himself and Rebekah Brooks?
15:40 Thu 07th Jul 2011
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it will just change it's name, probably to the Sunday Sun or something like that
the latter, I fear. Brooks keeps her job, everyone else loses theirs?
Is that true, i didn't hear anything on the news just now. I wouldn't be at all surprised though
It can't be the Sunday Sun as that is the sister paper of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.
If this is true I bet it will reappear as the Sunday Sun
there are little newsflashes on the BBC and Guardian websites, but no details yet. Dotty's suggestion is by no means impossible. We shall see.
OK the Sun on Sunday then
How come we can openly discuss this when we couldn;t chat about giggsy?
Perhaps, as the Mail on Sunday had to do to avoid confusion with the Sunday Mail.
the lawyers haven't got the superinjunctions out yet, dotty.
Bet it's only a matter of time
On Sky News right now about it !
Nothing on BBC website, i did hear earlier that there are some 11,000 cases, with 4,000 probables, the police are looking into. But if they are also involved in some way, how will this ever truly come to light.
That's the best news I've heard in a long time
Question Author
Seems to be confirmed and widely accepted that the paper is closing down. No comments on any new titles to be introduced - and the revenue from sales of the last edition to be donated to good causes.

I do think there is a business calculation here - to ensure plurality and hope therefore that NewsCorps BSkyB bid gets ushered through, and also that it might deflect some of the upcoming police investigations and judicial reviews.

Many jobs sacrificed to keep Rebekah Brooks in the organisation, it seems to me....
What would be the point of injuncting the fact that NOTW is closing?
here you go, em

No detail yet
do you think some people maybe taking a long holiday abroad with no forwarding address

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