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Who'll you all be voting for in the up and coming election?
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Which of the main parties would you vote for in this coming election?

A. None of the Above (Please let us know who gets your vote)
42.86% (12 votes)
B. Labour
25.00% (7 votes)
C. Conservatives
25.00% (7 votes)
D. Liberal Democrats
7.14% (2 votes)

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13:04 Thu 25th Mar 2010
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i dont know whether to vote but i think i'll just that whoever gets in we will still all be screwed!!!!
Do Scots, Welsh and Ulster parties not matter?
Question Author
They all matter TCL.
It's just that you gave a limited choice.
Question Author
Sorry TCL
I shall be voting for the speaker - I don't get a choice :c(
Jake, UKIP and no doubt others will be standing against The Speaker at the election
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All the best

Spare Ed
why are most people in this country brainwashed into voting for either Labour or Conservative?
I have never voted before but this year i have been considering it mainly since having a child start school and not having a car for the past few years. I have been looking into it a bit and i think i will vote for the Green Party, i like their education policy and safer roads campaign
they're all full of empty promises.
None of them have any policy's to stop the immigrants, legal or not coming in and being allowed to claim benefits, free NHS, given free housing without putting a penny in the pot, and put a stop to the ridiculous human rights crap.
WHO is Garmard,I thought AB ed (Or Spare Ed) set these polls?
Vote or not, life will still be the same.
Only one party to vote for: UKIP get us out of the European union with it's UNELECTED mony grabbing dictators
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge where there is no river.
A very nice young man from the Liberal Party rang me yesterday to ask who I'd be voting for............ is this a new thing?
Ah,I wondered when UKIP would raise it's head.
UKIP the thinking man's BNP! LOL
If UKIP would get out of Europe I will back them, we should remain an island independant of everyone else.
i would vote lib dem probably, but i'm only 16. . . . .
For someone studying French and German and currently living in Austria, voting for the likes of BNP or UKIP would be shooting myself in the Erasmus foot, to say the least. Lib Dem I think, they seem jolly and i don't see why they shouldn't have a go.

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