dance tune with trumpet

hiya, can anyone tell me the name of the dance tune that has the trumpet going through it, it's doin my nut in tryin to think who did it!!! any guesses would be braw, cheers
04:09 Sun 25th Jun 2006
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Sounds like Dario G, but I cant remember the song title.
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hi thanks for your suggestion, it's not dario g and now i think on it , it could be a saxophone rather than a trumpet.
(I've not got much of a chance of findin out with my "spot on" descriptions do I!!..... I dunno who did it what its called or even which instrument is played!! ha ha if only I could get it out of my head aaaahhhh
how old are we talking here ? more info would be good.

if you are talking late 80's,a dance song with a sax running thru it could be chad jacksons 'hear the drummer' or with a trumpet could be 2 men,a drum machine and a trumpet 'tired of getting pushed around'

Blimey, there have been hundreds of dance tunes with a trumpet in them! Maybe "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" by Pigbag, or the 90s cover of said track under the title "Reach Up" by Perfecto Allstarz?
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it's a fairly recent dance mix although the bit where they play the sax/trumpet sounds quite familiar, like I've heard it somewhere else.
thank you guys for your answers, I'm gonna go check and see if it is any and I'll get back to ya, cheers
Where have you heard it? That would be a start.
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I heard it last night in a club that was playind hard house music, It sounds quite similar to perasma - swing to harmony if thats any help?
the only dance song i can think of was out a few years ago and its called careless whispers by the sax brothers it was on a couple of the dance albums that were out
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that's it!!!!! I have heard it before! thanx, yer a wee peach, I'm well chuffed, I think its a braw tune :)
no problem ,you have got me listnin to it again lol
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thanx everyone :))))

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