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Lana Del Rey

What a racket! Who gave her a music deal?!
14:41 Mon 27th Feb 2012
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whoever it is I must thank because they've given me something fantastic to look at!! Not fussed on her music but it's hardly a racket, it's more of a non entity, as long as I can watch the videos on mute I'm happy!!
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Agreed on the looks, but you can't see her on the radio!
she's got a interesting voice but the songs are sh1te!
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She sings like she can't be ar$ed!
I downloaded her album after hearing her sing a track on Jools Holland's show... and track by track deleted it. Music to overdose to.
I don't find her voice interesting at all...quite bland and boring in fact.
Oh good, its not just me then, for the life of me I really cant see what all the fuss is about.

Her music is about as average as average can be, she brings absolutely nothing new to the table whatsoever
Love Video Games but heard another one of hers and it was too samey and it is very depressing music!
I'm going to disagree with you all now, I really like her album. Heard her sing live on the TV a few weeks ago and it was awful.
So i'm alone then... I wouldn't say I love her album but it's a good listen.
I like her. I can't stop staring at her when she's on TV - she's enchanting. I like her voice and think her album is a good listen. Not one for when you want to have a jig around perchance, but on the whole thumbs up from me ;)
she reminds me of Feist - lol, they're pretty depressing too! There seems to be rush on depressing acoustic female solo acts. Its very 'now'.
I think it's an amazing album, it took a few listens to like it at all but I love it now. It's very original!
I like her, for a first effort Video Games is good. Will be interesting to see if she can follow it up. Not outstanding but ok, try Christina Perri. Some talent there. Love strong is a good debut album.

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