Which us singer...

Which U.S singer had a hit in the States with a Lennon and Mccartney song
before the Beatles. Name of song and artist if you know please.
00:28 Mon 27th Feb 2012
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overlanders sang michelle any good ?
Question Author
Not sure yet weecalf, I will let you know! Thanks for your help.
the Overlanders were British, weren't they?
Ah, curses - so they were... :-(
It's Del Shannon with 'From Me To You'. Got to 77 in 1963.
Question Author
Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I'm waiting for the answer on my local
radio station. Let you know before 1am if poss!
You don't have to wait, it's Del Shannon, all other cover versions came after the Beatles charted in Jan 64. Del charted in June 63. It's a standard Pop Quiz question, I asked it at the UK Pop Quiz championships in 1995.
Question Author
Thankyou Northernpopquiz. Quite good at quizzes myself, just didn't know
the answer to that particular question! Went to a quiz friday night in fact and
I was on the winning team where we raised a substantial sum for the charirty:-
Make a wish foundation. Regards Cupid04.
My pleasure Cupid, always glad to help. Well done for your charity fund raising too, perhaps you can come to one of my weekly events, I do a regular music quiz in Leeds and my popular mixed quiz nights are always well attended.

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