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Does anyone know anything about a band who hailed from Reading and were called Blue, but they lost a court case to keep their name and the boy band who became Blue took it over? Ta Muchly.
12:28 Thu 27th Oct 2011
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found this - unless it's a different case and that's a weird coincidence, the band were Scottish and didn't so much lose the case as a settlement seems to havebeen imposed.

What Whickerman said

The original "Blue" album release was mostly folk/ballad type stuff which I thought was reasonably well done. I never heard anything of them from that time until the court case over the name.
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Yes I remember their Gonna Capture Your Heart single from mid 70s.

I can remember some other examples of duplicated band names but I don't remember any court cases. I cam immediately recall two groups called Mr Big (one sang Romeo, one had a rock hit) and two called Kenny (one an Irish male singer, the other 'The Bump' group.)
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Many Thanks to You All and I did a bit of research as well, which I should have done before wasting your time and trouble, but I've now found some info and CDs too on Amazon, but Many Thanks again Whickerman, Scotman and Factor.

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