what is the classical song which is sung to this chant (jose mourinho)?

I know this is incredibly vague but what's the original song that this chant for jose mourinho is sung to? its a famous song with violins i think. i've been dying to know for years!
19:42 Tue 04th Oct 2011
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I can't hear the chant very well in that clip but it sounds like 'La Donna è Mobile' from Verdi's opera, Rigoletto, to me:
it certainly seems as though they are chanting the music from Rigoletto,
not quite Luciano's standard
I agree Chris is right. I also know this tune to the words of ta ra ra boom de ay, my knickers flew away
Now we're getting silly, Prudie!
LOL Chris, yours is ruder than mine!
Learned it as

"Our soles are cheap today
Cheaper than yesterday"

In context of what happens in Rigoletto its not funny at all.
but it's great music.

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