Looking for an old school 1980's rap song.....

I think the song was called your moma? It was 2 guys ripping on eachothers mother...
It went like this;
I hate to talk about you bad
But you blow my mind
some things you do
are way out of line
like, putting me down
but not to my face
so I think it's about time
that I put you in your place.....

They keep ripping on eachother at the end of the song
they say.....
now every momma's number 1
so remember that when you're makin fun
cause you've got your's and I've got mine
and our mothers love is one thing you can't buy...

If any one can help who sang this song...and what the correct title is . I'd appreciate it
22:36 Fri 25th Mar 2005
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It is "Ya mama" by Wuf Ticket according to the search i've just done on google.
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Thank you carlos, I was googleing for that song and was having no luck.  I had been looking for that song for years! Everyone I would ask had no idea!  Thanks again =O)

I have heard this song also back in Miami, Fl around 1980. I havent heard it in 25 years but..some more lyrics are:

See I'm so slick I got so much style, I can out-rank you by a country mile, So sit down son, And watch me go, Take out your pad and take some notes..

Notes from you, I dont need, I can take em if I had to, at least I can read, with style like mine, you dont have half, ill make you look so bad, it will make your mama laugh.

(and then at the end they keep saying "your mama's a smurf.. no your daddys a smurf")

--thats all i got.

If you find it email me chrisg@jamskate.com

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