Later....with Jules Holland.

Watched this for the first time last night,Hugh Laurie, is he taking a break from House? Thought he was great,but OMG,kd Lang, stole the show imo,never took any notice of her before but will now,watta a voice.
20:44 Sat 23rd Apr 2011
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Did KD Lang sing that 'Can't Stand Gravy' song?
She is marvellous, yes. If you haven't got a copy of Ingenue, I'd suggest you get one immediately:
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Has Hugh got an album out then,sorry was at work and only saw some of the show. Will look at kd's album list, really thought she was amazing.
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woops, should be Jools.
I always though her version of Hallelujah was the best.
KD Laing has been a massive worldwide star for a very long time - she won't fret too much if little old Britain is not too fussed about her.
I'll be watching tonight's that's for sure, Lykke Li's on it, and apart from liking her music, I have one of those 'can't quite put my finger on it' crushes on her!
I really like the show, but you do sometimes have to sit through some paff along with the good stuff!
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Hey everyone, the correct spelling is k.d. lang

I didn't think she was that good on Later. She's okay, but overpraised.

Hugh Laurie is playing at the Islington Union Chapel next Wednesday. He's a good musician and singer - I still fondly remember "Too Long Johnny" from the Fry & Laurie show.

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