yellow and black diamond/circles

what are the black and yellow diamond /circle markings on road signs springing up all over the place i can't find them on highways agency web site
18:57 Sun 17th May 2009
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They're signs which can be used to indicate diversions.

So, for example, if a major road is closed, a single sign could be used at the closure point stating "For Chester follow (diamond symbol). "For North Wales follow (square symbol)", etc.

These are recomended routes for HGV's which avoid obstacles such as low bridges or weight restrictions. Once you crack the code they are quite useful for normal motorists beacuse they take you on a route with wide roads and good signposting. Sometimes the routes are temporary as stated earlier ... but they still work.
For HGVs ?????? To avoid abstacles ??????

Take a look at this link; /Highwaycode/Signsandmarkings/index.htm

As Buenchico says they are just diversion signs where there are multiple diversions is place.

Chris, have you seen the Chester, North Wales one too ? They are everywhere at the min.

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