towing on a motorway?

is it legal to tow a broken down car with a normal tow rope on a motorway? thanks
20:01 Mon 30th Oct 2006
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Towing on a motorway is not prohibited. However, what many do not understand or indeed comply with is that there are many rules to how towing can be legally carried out.
For example you cannot use a rope that is too long or too short. You must display an 'on tow' sign to the rear and you must display the registration mark of the towing vehicle on the rear of the towed vehicle. Obligatory lights of the towing vehicle must be displayed and effective at the rear of the towed vehicle.

Just putting a tiny hand written on tow sign in your rear window and using hazard lights is simply not safe, enough or legal.
it is not legal to tow on a motorway with a rope,you have to use a straight bar,i work on motorways and used to do recoverys on motorways so i know its true
I notice madman has put a rider on the answer as to whether or not it is legal to tow off a motorway a broken down vehicle with a rope.

I cannot find any regulation that proves this to be the case. Simply saying I know its true is not enough.

Could you quote the C&U reg that you say makes it illegal.
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