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Is it legal to use a flashing(rotating) amber light on the roof of your car to enable yourself to be seen easier in foggy conditions?
17:13 Thu 01st Dec 2011
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A vehicle with a 25 mph top speed?
So that would be a skoda then.
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Amber lights are only permitted in the following

a road clearance vehicle
a bin lorry
a breakdown vehicle
a vehicle with a 25 mph top speed
a vehicle wider than 2.9 metres
a roadworks vehicle
an escort vehicle
a Revenue and Customs vehicle
a surveying vehicle
a clamping or tow truck vehicle
airport vehicles
any other specially authorised vehicle
no, you have fog lights for that purpose, please don't leave them on all the time.
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Good job it is illegal on private cars ! can you imagine what it would be like on a dark wet evening on a motorway with thousands of drivers with powerful rotating flashing amber lights on the roofs, chaos!
not on a broken down car on a road?

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