Renault Clio Air Bag Warning Light

1998 (new shape) Clio 1.2.  The air bag dashboard warning light on my '98 Clio gpoes off a few seconds after starting the car and then stays on.  Everything else seems to be OK.  Anybody got any ideas?
11:25 Wed 02nd Feb 2005
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It's likely to be a faulty sensor which is reading that the airbag has been deployed. Take it to dependable small garage ( I don't trust main dealers) and have them connect your car to the neccesary diagnostic software.
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Thanks for your answer.  However, in the meantime I've looked at the connecting blocks under the drivers seat and made sure that the connectors are OK.  Guess what? The light's OK now.  I'm going to keep an eye on the situation just in case it's a coincidence.


Thanks for your reply

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