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Driving without a tax disc

Can anyone tell me if you are allowed to drive a car on the road if you purchase a tax disc on line but it has not arrived yet?
(Bleeding DVLA are on strike today so I can't ask them!!)
10:42 Wed 24th Mar 2010
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Have you got proof of purchase?

If unsure phone the police.
I was stopped once when tax disc was sent to the wrong address the police contacted the DVLA who confirmed my story they let me go that was about two years ago I do not know if anythings changed
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Do you mean confirmation of the tax disc purchase from the DVLA? If so, then yes
It's all on a database now. So if you're stopped it's very easy to check. Print off a receipt.
Yes...print that off.
providing you ordered it no less than 5 days prior to the expiry of the current disc.
I think you may be missing an important point it is ILLEGAL not to display a tax disc even if you have paid for it or even got it but not got around to sticking it in your windscreen.
Technically yes secsee. However in practice it would be a harsh decsion to prosecute someone who had paid for a disk that had not yet arrived. Given that we are now at the 24th March and tax discs expire at the month end, I wonder whether Kos is still waiting on one due to begin in March or April, so i am not sure how generous they would be if it is the former.
Just to add, i have on occaision been a couple of days late displaying but have evidence of payment prior to expiry and have not had any issue, but then I have never been stopped.
If your vehicle was taxed for the preceeding month and you received a reminder in the post and you chose to renew it online the DVLA state on the reminder that you have 5 days grace
I might also add keep the old one on display until the new on arrives
technically you can't but in reality they only check you are taxed by the number plate so if your car is taxed here: http://www.taxdisc.di...ageid=Vehicle+Enquiry then you are probably fine it would take jobsworth copper of the decade to nick for not displaying.
leave the old one in the window in the meantime so as not to draw attention to the fact that you dont have one...a blank windo would be more noticable...chances are you wont even be noticed
My suspicion is that it is illegal, but if you can show it is paid for then the police are unlikely to bother pursuing it. But at your own risk.
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Did the old one run out at end February? And have you been waiting a month for it to arrive? If so then no you can't drive it.
Or is it a new car and so you've only just been able to apply? The answer is still no I believe
my mum was fined for not displaying her new one. It was only a few days into the month and the little holder had slipped of her screen. She had the proof that she had it but still got fined.
I have not received the tax disc. Can I use the vehicle without the tax disc displayed?

When you apply for a tax disc online or by using our phone service you are able to legally continue to drive your vehicle for up to 5 days after the tax disc has expired while you wait for the new tax disc to arrive. This will only apply when you have applied for a new tax disc before the current one expires. You should continue to display the expired disc on your vehicle, until the new one arrives.

Taken from the web site..
It;s easy to see from the DVLA website that both Eddie and Mr k are right and answer your question completely
There are two offences that you must be aware of and both can be prosecuted but for duplicity rarely are
1. failing to have a tax disc _ technically proof of purchase may be acceptance and negate any prosecution i.e. i would doubt that the CPs would pursue with that
2. failing to display - This is a penalty notice offence and could still be subject of a summons. So your tax disc falls off the windscreen onto the floor - technically offence complete - failing to display
in prcatice it would come down to two tests - public interest in prosecution and evidential threshold ---- hope this helps

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