Cat D write Off iwent to sell my car and iv found out its got a cat d on it from the HPI, when i got it i was not told about it having the CAT D what can i do as the car was woth £2500.0 but with the CAT D its £1300

18:02 Sat 23rd Jan 2010
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It is your responsibility to do the searches on it before you buy it I guess.
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Hi but should i have let the insurance company no when i got it and should it have been in the log book/
it won't be marked in the log book unless cat C, insurance won't be bothered unless you make a claim & its written off - then they will price it accordingly.
the seller should tell you IF they know its hpi status, still its only £1200 lost.
a costly mistake.
what type of car is it ? mileage? i am a motor dealer, i dont seem to have problems selling a cat d cars.....if it is worth 2,500 with average miles of 70,000 miles and your cat d is same spec but with lower miles then it wont make a difference....the iscounted percentage loss is apllied to a cat d is only done by certain inviduals who have no motor trade knowledge.....

2,500 car is still worth 1800 all day long on ebay....remember some cars is supply and demand......

your car may be really doesnt matter what is is....dont let anybody knock you back....i buy cars off salvage sites, the price im having to pay is around 45% off rrp and thats in a accidental/damaged state....i then have to carry out the repairs.....sometimes it costs more to repair a cat d vehicle and its worth from a garage...this could be down to uncalculated costs at inspection....
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you can sue a motor trader as he has to inform you off this.....
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there u go scam clearly indicates:
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i cant find the actual information but a motor trader can sell you a damged car withhout telling you.....a private custmer do also have to tell you but its really complicated to sue a private seller as he/she cant deny unknowing....
i meant a motor dealer CANT SELL U A DAMAGED CAR WITHOUT TELLING YOU........
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a dealer will carry out hpi check.....

they always do.....if it was that simple dont u think the big boys ie audi etc will start selling cat d's on the forecourt?
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auctions also carry out hpi check, they must inform u of this before u start bidding, if the vehicle was damaged repaired they should say "V CAR" but some auction sells cars under 1200 pounds as sold as seen.......

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