number plate sticky pads

Hi all
does anybody know how i can remove my number plates which have been fitted with those sticky pads without damaging the car or the plates
my reason being to fit cherished plates to the vehicle which is only 6wks old
thanks in advance for help
13:10 Wed 22nd Jul 2009
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you could try asking the thieving Ba&&&ds who stole my numbers plates off my Audi TT.. they got them off pretty easily by all accounts then did a runner with them leaving me with the sticky pads!

try tugging at them with an even and gentle pressure, increase the pulling pressure as you feel them start to give.
Hi, boiling water, no damage, no problem, " Mind your hands".
Question Author
thanks nosha 123
sorry about your loss but if i had wanted a sarcastic remark i would have asked for one
very carefully with a wallpaper scraper between the plate and the pads and push gently. Easy if there near the edge.

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