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Hi, I've got an outboard motor which runs on petrol/oil mix 50:1, & a chainsaw which runs on 25:1.
What are these measurements? I used to have a handy jug with the measurements marked on it (I've lost it!) & can't seem to buy one anywhere!
I asked in a popular motoring store this morning & they didn't know the ratios (measurements) so I could mark a normal household jug.
Help please! Thanks in anticipation.
13:58 Sat 21st Mar 2009
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you mix 2 decilitres to 1 litre for 50:1
and 4decilitres to 1 litre for the 25:1
but if you can buy it premixed it is FAR better
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Sorry for my ignorance - what is a decilitre? Thanks.
hi ladybelle,,get yourself a mixing bottle from any good lawnmower sales and repair will save you loads of hassle...alternatively,you can buy a small bottle of oil that treats one gallon(4.55 litres) of petrol to make a mix of's called castrol one shot....simply keep the bottle and use half a bottle to make a 50:1 mix..but mixing bottle is your best bet! :0)
Most of the bottles I used for Stihl saws and the like, one capful of oil went into 1 gallon petrol. Used to say the amount on the side to save having to have a bottle/jug or whatever.

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