I have a fault on my Renault Clio 1.2....

.. the symbol on the dash board which means (and I quote from the handbook) "Electrical Fault, pull over immediately and go to your nearest Renault Dealer". When I turned the key, if this symbol stayed on, the car would not start. When I take the key out, put it in and turn it, the symbols is not on and the car starts. It was not happening very often at all - like once a month. Unfortunately, since Boxing Day, every time I turn the key its on so the car won't start and I have not been able to drive it. Has anybody got any ideas what it could be..?
Many thanks and Happy New Year.
15:08 Thu 01st Jan 2009
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Hi Amber, Is the Symbol RED? try and give an Description of the Symbol, what year is your car? & for your own bank balance do not use the dealers for your problem I will await your answer.
depends on the symbol but I had something similar. The engine would not start and when it did a light came on, so had to stop by the road side and call rescue. In the end it was the "fly wheel sensor" it makes the computer think that the exhaust fumes are building up in the car and so switch off the engine. I was told it could have been the catalytic converter but it the end it was just the sensor and it cost me �70 odd pounds last year not cheap but could have been much much worse. (clio 1.2 52 reg)
Good luck.
It could be what Renault call the Top dead centre Sensor as dankeith said, but that has nothing to do with fumes building up in the car.

The TDC takes a magnetic signal from the Flywheel to tell the spark plugs or injectors when to fire, The small tip on the sensor gets dirty over time so the signal cannot be received.

There is no need to spend any cash on repairing it, the tip just needs a clean.
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Thank you both for your replies. TWR - my clio is a 51 plate, so about eight years old. The symbol is orange and it looks like the following : a square with a wiggly line going through it, and underneath the square is one wiggly line making two hoops. Hard to describe, the handbook says it stands for Preheating warning light and Electronic fault indicator light.
Many thanks.
Hi Amber, Preheat! Is you car a Diesel? If so, the time it takes to start the car especially now (Winter) makes the derv longer to Ignite Re/Preheat there are 4 on your engine
(If Derv) get the 4 replaced at the same time, it is not a big job can be done within a couple of hrs but again, do not use the dealer's, cost of the total job with parts under a �100.
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Hi TWR. Sorry its a petrol five door silver 1.2 Clio 16v. Thanks.
Ok Amber I now am looking at Dankeiths answer.

Good Luck.
I don't know the specific answer to your query, but when I had a problem with my scenic electric windows, I was directed here by someone on this site (sorry I can't remember who) and I found the answer to my problem and saved myself a lot of money on a new window motor - maybe your answer is here somewhere too.

That was me annie xx
Thanks toureman - I have gone back to that site a few times for various wee niggles - you have saved me a fortune!!!
Hi, i have exactly the same problem as you with the squiggly line. i've spent �300 on my Clio 1.2 trying to get it repaired and nothing is solving it. what is to do for the best?
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Hi, I have finally got my car fixed - it was a lose wire which had eventually burnt out, which was connected to my immobiliser. Once they found the wire, and fixed it the whole car had to be 're-coded' with the locks, etc. I hope that helps all who have had similar problems and thank you for all your advice. x
unfortunately had the same problem with 53 plate1.2 clio.Either on starting or while driving Amber light comes on. IF at start up IT WONT START but when driving and it comes on the power just drops off. Allready had this TDC sensor fitted for about 150 quid and told if that didnt do it ,possible throttle body fault for 450 , are they having a larff or what ???? HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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