vauxhaull corsa front wheel bearing change

how easy is it to change wheel bearings on a vauxhaull corsa 97 plate 1.2.does anyone know what has to be removed .
22:59 Fri 28th Nov 2008
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Whether you`ve done wheel bearings before or not, it`s useful to have the Haynes Manual for your model - check your local library. The brake disk is held on by a single screw & the caliper by (I seem to recall) Torx bolts. The hardest bit is removing & replacing the old outer bearing races from the hub, although it`s not rocket science, only requiring a large flat-head screwdriver & heavy hammer. The trick is to keep the race square to its recess as it comes out & particularly as it goes back in.
the rear wheel bearings are easy they are tapered roller bearings however the front wheel bearings are contact bearings therefore you will need to remove/replace with a hydraulic press.
GM would go & make things awkward!
not awkward, fact

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