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cleaning windscreens

what is the best thing to use inside and out to obtain a really clean grease free screen
17:20 Sat 11th Oct 2008
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The AA recommend using vinegar to keep the outside of your screen free of grease marks. Since that's consistent with the way that people have been washing their windows at home for hundreds of years, it would seem to make sense. (Remember to clean your wiper blades at the same time, or you'll just put grease and dirt straight back onto the windscreen).

Vinegar would also do a good job inside, as long as you can stand the smell. However, the biggest problem with the inside of car windows is probably misting up, rather than grease. Car accessory shops sell products which they claim will reduce misting. I've used them and they do seem to work. However, they're not cheap and they do need to be re-applied quite often.

alternativley , meths used with a paper towel rather than cloth, the old fashioned way was with meths & newspaper..
NOT white spirit as that has oil in it...
white vinegar and newspaper as news paper attracts the grease
My cheapy 'all-round' cleaner is decorators stripper....excellent stuff for anything greasy, even ovens when applied neat. Tiny bit with water in spray bottle gives perfect car-windows/car/kitchen appliances.....forever things. Once you get �1 bottle from �1 shop you're hooked! Even good for brass/silver/jewels/metal watch strap.....shall I go on?
I was always told ... Toothpaste is one of the best things to use

It needs a bit of elbow grease to do it properly but it does give an excellent finish
kitchen roll
a shammy leather
being an ex car valeter i would recomend auto glym glass polish or even auto smarts the first available in hallfords or any good motoring shop you apply just like good old windoleen when it drys wipe of for a grease and grime free window it also doesnt stain or mark vinyl`s or rubber trim
i use autoglym personaly and it goes a long way

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