Renault Megane Key Fob Programming

I recently purchased a second-hand Renault Megane (04 plate).
It has a keyless ignition system, whereby the car only needs to detect that you have the key fob within range, to allow the car to be started (doors unlocked etc). Unfortunately the seller only had one key fob, and so I reckon I need at least one spare, for when the inevitable happens.

My local Renault dealer wants �140 for a replacement, including coding � but remotes can be bought from the likes of ebay for much less, but will need programming for my car, again my local Renault dealer can re-program it for around �50.

I understand that certain Renault key fobs can be programmed by going through a sequence, with the cars' electrics (much as Fords use) - does anyone know if a Megane key can be programmed in this way and how to do it?
10:15 Sun 03rd Aug 2008
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