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A simple question. Do I need to produce a copy of the old MOT certificate when putting my car in for MOT? Ever since they changed the style of MOT certificates to the new computer printouts I misplace them. AT least with the old style you knew what you were looking for when you misplaced it. I know my MOT runs out on the 24.04.08 but am not sure if I can just turn up for an MOT without the old copy? TIA as always.
15:17 Mon 07th Apr 2008
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No, you don't need to produce your old certificate.
as delboy says you don't need it, but if you have it you can have a new mot dated the day after the old one expires. so you can have the new mot done, I think, up to 14 days in advance.
A month in advance, but as discussed in another thread, you don't have to produce the old one any more to get the extra time creditted.

It would be worth organising a folder of paperwork for your car though.

If you come to sell it, the potential buyer will be impressed by a wad of old MOTs that confirm the mileage over the years.

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