Road Tax for a van

How much will a 6 month tax disc cost for a Fiat Ducato 2.8 tdi LWB hi-roof van?
21:33 Thu 01st Nov 2007
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You've not stated when the vehicle was first registered. Prior to 1 March 2001, vans came under the 'Private/Light Goods' category. The tax on such vehicles is the same whether it's a car or a van. So you'll pay �99 for 6 months tax.

From 1 March 2001, cars and vans were separated into different categories. The tax for cars is based upon emission figures but there's a flat rate for the 'Light Goods' category. 6 months tax will cost you �96.25: hicle/HowToTaxYourVehicle/DG_10012524

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Its a 1999 T-reg, so i guess thats �99. Thats all i need to know.....for now at least. Cheers.
I taxed mine on Tuesday 99 quid to drive down potholes lol
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