Vauxhall Corsa -Remove Battery how ?

My 2002 Corsa needs the battery replacing. Tried to remove the old one. How did they shoe-horn the battery in that space or do they build the car around it ?
13:18 Sun 07th Jan 2007
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I had this problem and I just could not get it past the black plastic vents just below the windscreen.
One screw holds this to the car body on the right but removing that was no help and I cracked the vent.
Luckily I managed to charge the battery but the problem still needs sorting eventually.

As I thought - according to my Haynes manual you have to remove the splash tray by first removing the wiper arm and then undo the retaining screws and disconnect the hose from the winscreen bottle ( although I would have a guess it is not entirely necessary to do this ) and then release the battery retaining clamp and undo the terminal clamps
( earth first ).

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