renault clio remote key

ive just changed the batteries in my 1999 mk2 clio key, but, it will not lock or unlock. does anyone know what the procedure is to reprograme the key to the car
18:48 Sun 27th Aug 2006
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my hubby sells renaults and he says you will have to take it to your dealer to get the key coded to your car.
Hi, Have a look here, if you want to ask a question join the forum...................... 6-clio-remote-central-locking-problem.html?hig hlight=clio+reprogram+key
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problem solved. i pressed the central lockin button in the car, held it till the doors locked then unlocked then pressed remote on key.. it works a treat. ps i phoned renault they said i would have to book car in for an hour at a cost of �40!!! robbin gits.
I tried that but it didn't work like that i ended up holding the deadlock button and pressing the button on the key and it worked
Thank you so much held the central lock button in the car and the key at the same time for about 5 secs and it did the job. You're a superstar.
Thank you sorted al you are stars except renult dealers they just want mony
Thanks it was sorted with holding the key and the central control button thanks to all except renult dealers al they want is to rob people

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