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In the UK what is the national speed limit on a dual carriageway?.....60 or 70?

09:45 Wed 19th Apr 2006
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it is 70 on a duel carraigway, 60 on a single.

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Unless you are driving:

A car towing a caravan, a bus or coach, or a goods vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes unladen weight. In these cases the national speed limit is 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways.

Goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are restricted to 40mph and 50mph respectively.

Slightly difficult to answer as some dual carriageways are 50mph speed limit. I think they are called "Urban Dual Carriageways"

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BigB - the question was about the national speed limit. That is the limit that applies in the absence of any marked limit, such as 50 m.p.h. For a car or motorcycle etc, the answer is as southportram says.

JudgeJ is of course right about goods vehicle speeds. I just wish I could see the occasional one in compliance.

white circle with black diagonal line 60mph this is the national speed limit(highway code)

Don�t confuse the issue with over simplification, tom hopkins!

As has been pointed out, the �National Speed Limit� is different for single and dual carriageway roads, and also varies according to the type of vehicle being driven. As you say, the Highway Code explains all � para 103.

On the A24 towards Horsham, there is a 60mph sign on a dual carriageway. Obviously it is not quite fast enough for 70mph (National Speed Limit). It's the only time I have seen 60mph signs. Are there any more?

JudgeJ as always is on the ball with his answer.
The National speed limit varies according to the classification of the vehicle being driven and the type of road.
Unfortunately most speed limit signs appear to be targetted at cars, eg 60 or 70mph signs, whereas LGVs, PCVs and in particular [touchy subject] White Van Drivers are all subject to much lower limits.
Try pointing that out the next time a Tranny tries pushing you out of the way!
i've seen signs saying 130 in france. any chance of us getting them over here?
It's 70mph dependant on vehicle Unless stated otherwise.
Just like to point out that tom hopkins answer about the national speed limit sign is incorrect and is a popular misconception. The white sign with the black diagonol line signifies the national speed limit applies but this is dependant on vehicle type and road type. So for a car on a dual carriageway or motorway it would represent a maximum speed limit of 70mph and not 60mph.

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