Enging Electronic Warning Light - what does it do ? Vauxhall Corsa

Can anyone help please. On my Vauxhall Corsa ( L reg) the Engine Electronic Warning Light is on all the time that the ignition is on. The engine runs perfectly but the handbook states that the engine has switched to an " emergency running programme ". How do I find out what, if anything has failed, without visiting an expensive Vauxhall main agent ? Thanks
15:07 Sat 11th Feb 2006
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A Vauxhall dealer can plug a device into the car's diagnostics and tell you exactly what the problem is. It won't take more than 10 minutes, so in theory it shouldn't cost much; however, some dealers take the p*ss and charge �50 for the privilege.

If you're feeling confident, there's a test you can do yourself with a paper clip which works for all fuel injection Vauxhalls up to end of 1999. Details here:

You cannot find out yourselfe what has gone wrong, whilst the engine is in safe mode it is a bad idea to keep using it as you could damage the engine, you could really damage it if you start pushing paper clips into your highly sensitive electronics!
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Thanks to both of you for your helpful answers, from which I have found that :- when the car is running the diagnosis codes are not shown (as its in safe mode ? as the light continually flashes on & off ) but when the ignition is on (but the car is not running) I get 4 different fault codes. 1) Crank Angle sensor - incorrect RPM. 2) Manifold Absolute Pressure (high voltage). 3) Coolant Temperature (low voltage). 4) Throttle Potentiometer (low voltage).

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