renault clio - door panel removal

My daughter's clio has a problem with the window mechanism and I want to see what needs replacing. How easy is it to remove the drivers side door panel. Anything I need to be careful of ?
16:40 Sun 02nd Oct 2005
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Hi there

My boyfriend has just done this on his Clio. Is your daughter's older than 1996? If so, he can help. He says...

1. The door handle has a cover on it. This just pulls off, to expose a bolt with a 'star' head. Undo this, and the handle comes off.

2. Then take the door pocket at the bottom of the door off. These are star headed screws, on the underside of the pocket. There's also another one on the centre support, that you take off once the pocket is off.

3. Take the door pull off. Another star screw behind the actual door pull.

4. Slowly make your way are the entire door trim, pulling it off slowly. It's held on with putty, so may be a little messy!

And that's it. Make sure all the fixings are off first, before pulling the trim off, otherwise you'll snap it. Should take about 20 minutes. Have fun!

Only 1 answer

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