Peugeot 206 1.1 cutting out

I bought a new 206 and I've had my car for a year now. The engine keeps suddenly loosing power and cutting out, it starts up again OK and does it no matter what speed im going. The dealer has had it in about 4 times and done things like putting coil pack on but nothing is working, any ideas?
09:39 Fri 16th Sep 2005
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I've heard about this a while ago on watchdog.  Can't give you any help as such but have a look. ickshire/4106437.stm

Sorry, that link doesn't seem to be working, but try searching for the following words on Google.

watchdog uk peugeot 206

It would seem you are not alone with this problem

Good luck!

i take it is a petrol engine 2 posiible reasons

in the carb is a fuel cut off switch check to see if screwed in tight (its a cylinder shape with a wire connected to it.)

If fuel injected check the stepper motor (its a cylinder shape with a wired plug unit on it.)

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Thanks for your ideas, will try and have a look at the car tonight and ring the car dealer to let them know, seeing as they don't have any clue whats wrong with it!

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