Conviction code MS90

I've had a driving licence delivered to my address (both paper and photocard) which belongs to the person we bought the house off - nearly 7 years ago. He's obviously 'forgotten' to inform DVLA of his new address.

As we're a little bit past the stage of passing on his mail to him and I believe he's moved again anyway I tend to open mail addressed to him to ensure its nothing that would incriminate my address as we've had a few debt letters from credit card companies.

The conviction code is MS90. Looking online its something to do with failure to identify yourself - how would one get this code? It also came with a 600 quid fine and 6 points so I imagine it went to court?

Should I inform DVLA the address is wrong or just leave it?
15:17 Tue 31st Jul 2012
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I would inform the DVLA if I were you.
"I tend to open mail addressed to him"

I'm pretty sure that that's a criminal offence.
Question Author
'I'm pretty sure that that's a criminal offence'

I'll just chuck it in the bin then.
MS90 is not a failure to identify YOURSELF per se, it is a failure by the Registered Keeper to identify the driver (themself or someone else) at the time of an alleged driving offence, such as speeding or careless driving. If the driver is not identified a prosecution of the original driving offence cannot proceed therefore the second bite of the cherry is to prosecute the person who has a legal obligation to identify the driver (unless unable using reasonable diligence) i.e. the RK.

I don't know if DVLA is able to act on the information if you, as a third party, were to inform them that his address has changed but matey-boy has opened himself up to another maximum fine of £1000 for failing to do so himself.
I think that is also an offense to chuck it away. Return to sender not this address.
Booldawg, how about if he doesn't pay the fine, you may get a visit of the bailiffs.
Question Author
good point Tony. I'll have to tell them I've opened it by error. I'm sure they'd be more interested in why he's not informed them of any changes rather than me opening mail not addressed to me.

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