Which car would you choose

I'm about to get a new car on the motobility scheme. It's a choice between a Renault Clio Sports Tourer and a Kia C'eed.
Which would you choose.
10:07 Sun 05th Feb 2012
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which ever one you feel more comfortable and secure in......visibility on reversing also being important....
Kia C'eed, they have a long warrenty and Kia are no longer the same as Skoda used to be ( a laughing stock ). They make very good cars these days.
That's no choice at all, the kia is hunk of junk! Take the Clio.
Which? rate the Kia as a Best Buy and the Renault as "worth a look".
Yea the Renault and all of their electrical problems ( french = crap ).
It depends which one feels most right for you when driving, parking, getting in and out, etc. If I was spending my own money then it would be the Kia 100%.
I would give serious consideration to seeing if you couldn’t find someone willing to hire/loan you the cars for a day – so that you can make an informed choice based on driving the cars.

The last two vehicles I purchased: one I drove regularly as a hire car (as part of my employment), the other I hired on a 3 week fly-drive holiday to the USA.
value for money doesnt count in motability really, neither does warrantee as the servicing is covered already. What would be most appropriate is to see what is more comfy and easy to drive

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