What does injection mean

in a car advert? 1.6i.
21:39 Sat 14th Jan 2012
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Something to do with the fuel
It means that there is no carburettor to deliver the fuel into the cylinders. A direct ip'injection nozzle is used controlled by a computer to deliver exactly the right amount of fuel for combustion, making the engine more efficient.
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so does that save petrol?
i would asume so as most modern vehicles are produced with injection systems, probably because its easier to control electronicaly
Yes, the phrase 'more efficient' was intended to cover this.
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so its not sporty then
It was about 25 years ago (XR3i, XR4i etc) but that was more marketing hype than fact.
It's like every other sort of fuel delivery. If you want 'sporty' performance the injection system control electronics are set up to provide it.
I doubt that there is a car still in production that uses a carburettor. Modern emission standards would be virtually impossible to meet without electronic fuel injection.

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