Where can I get cheap courier insurance for my white van?

Sorry if this question has been asked before but really need to know this quite soon. As some of you already know I have just got a white van and need to get insurance for it. I would like to know where I can get insurance for it that will not break the bank. I have been on some price comparison sites and they are all over the £2,000 mark which clearly is too much. I have heard quotes around the £1,100 mark which I may just be able to afford.

Can anyone here direct me to a site which has cheap courier insurance and thanks once again for your ever helpful replies.

21:12 Wed 21st Sep 2011
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have you tried a broker? they then do all the legwork
My husband has his with e van but they are a pain in the bum to deal with - not sure it's worth the saving.
Sorry, he's not a courier, didn't read the question properly.
As Bednobs suggest, forget the online sites. Phone a decent broker. Adrian Flux is widely recommended:
I've just insured my 3 yr old Ford Connect at Tesco. Fully comp, 8 yrs NCD for £320.

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