Ford EAC Fail Warning

Hi, I've got a 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.4l petrol.

I've just had the alternator changed and on the way home from the garage the engine warning light came on and an EAC (Electronic Accelerator Control) Fail message (where the clock/mileage normally are).

The garage say it's unrelated to the alternator (so do 2 others). They checked the fault codes and prescribed a new accelerator pedal. This didn't fix it and now they want £350 for a throttle body. I've seen lots of sites through Google where people have had the same problem in Fiesta's but no real solution - one had the throttle body changed but the problem returned within a couple of months.

The car still drives 'ok', coming back up the motorway a couple of days ago it limped up the hill at 45mph. On the same journey today the EAC Fail warning didn't come on and it drove normally.

The EAC Fail message can be intermittent (on a lot more than off) and normally takes a minute or two to come on when I start the engine. This afternoon it didn't come on at all when getting me home from work and I've just ran the engine for 15 minutes and no problems at all (however the Engine Warning Light remains on at all times).

Has anybody experienced this problem or can anybody shed light on it before I fork out a lot of money for a repair that might not solve the problem?
16:38 Wed 06th Jan 2010
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Technically speaking a link does exist between the alternator work and EAC failure especially with the fact that the accelerator pedal and throttle body is mentioned together.
Should the charging ciruitry have interferance and or incorrect voltage regulation, the voltage signal from both the accelerator pedal and throttle body will be out of range, so you need to clear all the fault codes and reread once the MIL comes on .you may need to compare live convinced before you part with your money.

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