Renault Clio Owners - what amp size fuse use for car radio?

Can anybody tell me what amp fuse size to use for my T reg clio, I have a 15 amp in there at the moment - when I use the cigerette lighter it blows the fuse on the radio. Would putting a lower amp fuse in the radio bit help?
17:46 Tue 30th Dec 2008
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There is something causing the fuse to blow, Do not increase the fuse size otherwise you will pay the Electrical price, Take the Cig lighter out & clean or replace the heat element, also check your car handbook for the correct fuse for the Radio/ Cig Lighter 15amp should be about right.
Looking at it if it�s a mark 1 Clio 90-98 then the fuse for the lighter socket does not have any relation to the radio. Fuse 5 is radio and fuse 9 is lighter.

If its Clio mark 2 then fuse 7 is lighter and radio together this wants to be 15 amp


if you have a mark 1 then good luck

if you have a mark 2 then whilst the fuse is blown, check the that you do not have an earth fault on the lighter easy way is multi meter check the resistance between the centre of the lighter socket and ground if there is anything at all then you have a melted or trapped lighter socket wire positive side.

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