Peugeot 206

Hmmm, i have a peugeot 206 1.4 glx. Started it up this morning and my Engine diagnostic warning light keeps flashing.
Read the manual and it says "incorrect operation of injection, ignition or emission control system. Coul cause damage to catalytic converter".
Any ideas what could be up as i know manulas over state sometimes?
Would i be ok to still drive this without making more damage?
12:34 Sun 14th Sep 2008
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Cant believe there is noone who knows anything about cars on here :(
The engine management light is telling you that there has been a fault recorded in the ecu memory, this could be absolutely anything, you need to have it code read by some one who knows what they are doing with proper kit, in my area (Sth Yorks) this costs �30.
As to doing more damage, it depends on the fault but I rarely see damaged cats due to engine management faults.

Hope this helps
hello, i'm afraid i don't have an answer for you, but i;m having exactly the same problem and just wondered if you sorted it out? if so, what was the problem? I know i should take in to a dealer, but i'm totally skint at the moment and don't want to be ******* for loads of money for someone just to look at it.

Question Author
Hmmm, hi Katie.
Apparently it was one of my fuel injectors that went.
Pretty expensive to sort too, couple of hundred quid :(.
They do a diagnostic check on it forst, so it maybe that yours could be a different reason, hopefully, and you may be able to sort it for cheaper, as i think i got ripped off...

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