Rover 25 1.4 thermostat

the water in the car seem to dissapear and in the tank it i left with alot of sludge. alot of steam comes out of the tank after 5 mins of driving. i think that the thermostat seems to be the problm but cannot seem to find where it is located. any suggestions??? Thank you
13:50 Sun 08th Jun 2008
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sounds like a head gasket problem, if the engine gets too hot severe damage will be done
follow the top hose back from the radiator to the engine block, where they meet is where the thermostat is.

however that said I think you will find its probably the head gasket
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thanks cazzz1975 yes i yhink it might be the head gasket i will have it checked out but as to find the thermostat i followed the top hose from the rad to the engine block and removed the two bolts and had a look but was unable to find any t/stat with in and i had purchesed a new t/stat and looking at the new stat and where the top hose to the engine block the shape and size it would not go in there,
i had a look at the log book and it states roer 25 1.4i 16 valves twin cam engine. thanks 2 bigboots for ur answer.
the two bolts should hold down the thermostat, you were in the right area, may be worth investing in a haynes manual
The thermostat is under the inlet manifold, behind the water pump, it is held in with three 8mm bolts, you also need to remove the pipe that goe to the back of the water pump t has two 10 mm bolt holding it on
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bigboots and cazzz1975 you guys are the best i dont know what i woul do with outu guys thanks alot been a great help

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