loss of power vauxhall vectra

have got a 1998 r reg vauxhall vectra 2.0 tdi cd. at times when you go to pull away, it's as if you have no power, then the power come's back and all is well. any idea what this is and how to fix the problem. yours vic
16:04 Wed 09th Jan 2008
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Not that well up on cars, but I used to have a lovely metro and every morning it would do exactly the same as your vectra at the same set of traffic lights. It turned out to be a tiny crack in the distributor cap. Hopes this helps.
Distributor cap ????

Not any more with electronic ignition.

Not seen a dizzy cap and points for years.

Diesels do not have spark plus .
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this site is good for a laff isnt it!!!! check all the induction hoses and pipes which are connected to the turbo for splits etc etc and also check the diesel filter incase its full of gunge .
don't listen to these pricks. its your air flow meter that's gone faulty . 90% sure . done quite a lot . wot a bunch of *******

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