Renault Megane Cam Belt

I have just got my Megane 1.4 16V Petrol Engine, 2002 and have no record of a Cam Belt. It has 56000 miles on clock. When should the Cam Belt be changed and should I get it done ASAP.

Thx H
06:57 Fri 02nd Nov 2007
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I don't know much about Meganes but normal time for changing a cam belt is somewhere around 40k - 50k miles. The consequenses of a cam belt breaking are usually disaterous ( i.e. expensive) and as such, unless you can be sure that it has been changed, my advice would be to get it done. Rough guess is that parts & labour would be around �100 to get the job done - compared to many many times that to repair the resultant damage from a broken one.
If you speak to your local Renault dealership they will be able to give you the correct service interval for a cambet change.

Some french cars are quoted up to 60,000 miles but if you're unsure, get it done.

It is a job that can be done by any competent garage and although the part doesn't cost much, it is the labour that will cost.
Your cambelt is overdue for renewal now as the intervals are 70,000 or every 5 years.

Go here for more information...

Don't take guesses, it will cost more than �100.

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Thanks for your all for your help. I called into a garage and got told 60,000 or every 5 years. So I have booked it in to have the cam belt and a service done this Wednesday.

Thanks again
If they use original parts the price could be more expensive. ~One of the best makers of Cam and Timing belts is GATES.

Which ever way oyu go its truly cheper than a broken cam shaft, bent valves etc.

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