citroen xsara radio code ?

how do i enter citroen xsara radio code ?
i have a hand written number in my hand book which is 7653 , could this be a code number ? any help would be great cant stand no sounds in the car :-)
16:24 Sun 22nd Apr 2007
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please post the exact model of the radio here and i will post the code entry instructions for you.
your code will be a 4 digit code but if you arent sure of the code you have already then please post your radio serial number and i will check the code for you.
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Hi bubblegum many thanks .
the stereo is a phillips
the model number on it is 22rc465/35
product number is fd0197299007599
hope this is of help , manyy thanks kev.d
to enter the code use the presets 1-6 then press MODE to enter the code successfully.
try the code that you have first and if its not correct then post again and i will do my best to get you the code. unfortunately phillips is the only database i dont have at the moment but a guy i knows has it so i can ask him for you ok. good luck
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Hi bubblegum
Thanks for the reply .
The number i believe to be the code is 7653 but my preset buttons are only 1 to 6 , how do i enter the 7 ?
Perhaps this is not the code , what now ???
many thanks for your help . kev.d
i will do my best to get your code checked for you but itll take me a day or two as i will have to get intouch with a friend that has the phillips database ok
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Hi bubblegum
I have just realised i have put the wrong serail number in for my stereo , it should be : phaccfv9007599 , hope you can help . many thanks kev.d .
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Thanks for all your help bubblegum but i now have the code & sounds in the car . Many thanks for all Kev.d

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