ford fiesta mark 5 2003 tdci. with hydrolic clutch

All having a nice bank holiday. Wish i bloody was. No, luck at all. Anyway, My fiesta's clutch pedal has just bust. It has a very flimsy plastic rod which when you press the clutch pedal, operates the hydrolic piston and all that. I have got the part off, But noticed this has lost some fluid. Will i have to bleed the clutch and does any one know what the damage is gonna be on this part. cheers
15:36 Sun 08th Apr 2007
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The rod on the pedal that actuates the salve cylinder on these have a nasty tendency to slip off the pedal - when you get it repaired - there is a clip available from garages/motor accessory shops etc that looks like a washer with teeth on it pointing towards the centre - this will stop the rod sliding away from the pedal stopping it from breaking.
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Many thanks woodchopper. Its a very **** design for ford. But i see what ya mean. If it moves side to side and not as supposed, back and forth it will break. I will give the dealer some head ache. Have a good one and cheers

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