Ford fiesta Tyre pressures

What are the correct tyre pressures for my
2000 Zetec 1.25 fiesta. Tyre size is 185/55/r14.
I have no handbook and there is no sticker on the door.

16:25 Thu 29th Mar 2007
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there should be a chart on the wall at most garages,by the airline,telling you the pressure you need to put in.
Question Author
Sorry but every chart I've looked at has given me a different answer and so have 3 different ford garages.
I think i need someone with an owners handbook to have a look for me.
Cheers anyway.
Probably get an owners handbook from any Ford dealer, cheap enough here......... /Question384330.html
Question Author
I've put a bid on ebay. :-)
Keep them at 30 psi all round. Garage guages are not all that accurate anyway.
Is there no sticker inside the fuel door flap?, there is on a Mondy
Question Author
No, nothing there. I just sold my mondy and it's true what you say.
for the tyre sizes you mention i have
32 psi front 29 psi rear

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