Vauxhall Astra engine fan stuck on

I have an S reg Astra, and the previous owner has re-wired it so that the radiator fan is permanatly left on. I've taken it to a garage and the reckon this has been done because the AC unit is not working.
How will this problem be rectified? One garage has advised I buy a controller unit for the fan. Is this right? if so, does anyone know where I can purchase one from?

Thanks anyone who can help!



19:50 Sun 29th Oct 2006
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I don't know about the AC Tommy. It sounds like the thermoswitch for the cooling fan has stopped working. The switch senses when the engine/water starts to get too hot and then switches the cooling fan on. I don't know about Astras but the switch is often mounted in the radiator so that it senses the temperature of the water.
You probably just need a new thermoswitch. I had one go on a Golf and, once I'd checked all the wiring, I found the new one was defective too. I then just wired the fan directly to a rocker switch on the dashboard and I keep an eye on the temperature gauge if I'm in traffic. If the gauge rises, I just switch the fan on till it cools down. I wouldn't let the fan keep going all the time as the motor will eventually go.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much for your time. I will try buying the switch then.

Thanks again!

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