Clean windscreen washers

My jets have gone really weak on my 2 Year old vectra. I have cleaned the bottle out, down the holes with a pin but still nothing. Is there anything you can put in the bottle to flush the system out. The rear washer works fine. Ive heard someone mention using vinegar as a flush before.

12:29 Sat 22nd Oct 2011
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You can't.
You need to remove the jets and clean them out properly with cleaning agent .. descaler (hot) or replace the jets.
They just clip in.
Is there a chance that the pump is failing?
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I tried an new pump, £5 from scrapper. When you say the jets, do you mean the 2 nozzles under the bonnet?
Use a bike pump connected to the plastic pipework under the bonnet to clear out any blockages
Yes .. the bonnet body jets. They will be blocked.
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Mine don't work properly either - is there an idiot's guide on how to do this (also, car quite cumbersome so some of the bits are a bit tricky to get too when you are not overly tall).
I remember when my became weak and failed it was caused by a blockage where the water reservoir joins the pipe, it was actually a jelly like substance made of the screen wash stuff, it must have built up over time, i unplugged the pipe and poke my finger in and cleared it.

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never used washing up liquid, but the car could have be idle for a while at a dealership before i bought it.

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I have had the filter problem before on a BMW, so tried that. On the Vectra it was like a little rubber sock which fits on the bottom of the pump. Like I said the rear works fine. AlBags solution sounds the best. When I can be bothered I will get my toolkit out of moth balls and give it a go. It looks like I have to take the wipers off to remove the plastic hood which houses the nozzles.

I will report back, thank you all for the answers

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