Rover 200 dashboard lights

I have a `99 Rover 200 and on the main dashboard there must be 3 bulbs illuminating it 1 on the left to show the temp guage and half of the tacho, 1 on the right to show last half of the speedo and fuel guage and a centre one to show last of tacho and first half of speedo, this centre one has gone
How do I access this bulb for replacement?
21:55 Sat 26th Mar 2011
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Probably remove the instrument console.
You should replace ALL the bulbs!
Have a look at this .. (with pictures) Hopefully the correct model!

Question Author
Thanks Al
It means stripping the whole steering console down to replace a fricking bulb
I will persevere without it, I can tell what speed I am going by the tacho anyway
I don't think it will take very long to do .. maybe an hour at most.
There will be a few screws for each part, that's all.

No probs, anyway. Al.

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