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Has anybody had really bad reception tonight on all channels?
22:41 Sun 10th Oct 2010
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My aerial ceased to be attached properly to my house quite some time ago. (It's still pointing in roughly the right direction but the elements are diagonally aligned, rather than horizontal). I'm also in an area which can't theoretically get Freeview until next year, even though everyone around here (with a decent aerial) can normally receive it.

Consequently my reception is usually less than perfect. However tonight I have noticed that reception of those stations that I normally have no problems with has been intermittent. I've attributed it to solar disturbances and/or the unusually high pressure we've been experiencing, both of which can affect TV reception. (I obviously need to improve my aerial. You may need to do so as well).


Parts of my post here might be relevant:

Only 1 answer

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