Didn't like "Sherlock" on BBC. Too unrealistic and basically meaningless. BBC imports high quality drama like "Madmen" but why do we never get home-produced drama of this calibre ????
19:07 Tue 17th Aug 2010
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less money invested over here now,so whoever 'makes' the progs do things at a lesser cost,if only drama in general over here was/is as good as the wildlife progs
Sherlock was great. Best thing on telly for ages.
I don't like Sherlock either....he's my enemy...!!
Sorry Ummmm - no offence
I thought it was very high quality drama, superb casting.
lol Francis....
I loved it too.
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best bbc drama i've seen in ages.

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OK I suppose but they are getting far too full of themselves imo. Too many in jokes and cannot seem to decide whether they are in a drama or a comedy. The idea to play it in period costume looked good...
Help required with Ditloid, please theme is Sherlock Holmes 6 P in T S of T F Would appreciate any suggestions, please Thank you...
I really don't see what all the hype is about. The dramatic music keeps me awake though. I think the story is a bit stupid and boring. What do you all think ?
The theme is Sherlock Holmes 6 P in T S of T F
Sherlock Holmes theme ...... 6 P in TS of TF many thanks...

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