eggheads again!

does anyone else find it strange that althought c.j knows absolutely nothing about any sport he always happens to guess the right answer?
18:31 Thu 06th Mar 2008
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I think it's like "A Question of Sport" where they have a list of "possible" answers out of sight of viewers.
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but they have 3 choices in front of them so dont need any out of sight and he usually "guesses" the right one
Thought you meant when he was in a tie-break situation. Can't stand him,anyway,too smug and arrogant.
He's got the kind of face you would never get sick of punching.
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totally agree
I didn't see it tonight but I have noticed when one of the eggheads guesses the answer they always go for the middle one and its always right.
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not noticed that, i'll watch next time, i notice judith does lot of "guessing" correctly as well
Always thought Judith winning "Millionaire" was a bit dodgy as well. Needed to boost Ratings at the time.
Mostly the choices are ridiculous. ''X was a Goalkeeper in which sport ? Fencing,Football or darts ?
I think to really show the knowledge of the 'Eggheads' there should be no multiple choice at all.......then we would see the true intelligence of these people with nothing else to do all day other than sit n study information..........most of the challengers I presume have jobs so i think the show isn't a fair comparison..........

...............heck i'm babbling a bit here................does anyone know what i am getting at????
IMO the only thing strange about CJ is CJ .... gawd that man is so scary its unreal.
I am bit wound up now thinking about him (cj) Why does he feel the need to shake his head when one of the challengers gets an answer wrong - or look so flamin smug when he gets a question that he knows the answer to (as if to say - huh is that it?)

I know i could turn it off, but i like to try n test my own knowledge - not that it helps me in the quiz league.........
Actually, I have met CJ and he is really nice. I think the arrogance and eye rolling is an act to make the program more exciting.
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id wouldnt call cj rolling his eyes and shaking his head more exciting, it just makes him look and idiot and needing a good slapping
He is annoying but not as annoying as Daphne. She is, in my opinion, probably the smuggest person on television.
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daphne seems to sound like she has a speech impediment
Judith and CJ are "lightweights" I do agree they
guess the right aswers quite a lot. They need to
come up against a really good strong quiz team
which I am sure there are plenty off out there.
A lot of their opponents seem to just form a team
to appear on the show and some are"novelty"
teams. But do you think the programme makers
etc really want opposition for them?


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